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Here’s Some Good Advice: Pick Up This Book!


it offers pretty much all the advice I wish my parents had given me, and is good for parents, kids, pretty much all carbon-based oxygen breathing organisms.

advice to my son ad


ALSO GUESS WHAT? HERE ARE SOME BOOK SIGNINGS, because I enjoy practicing my penmanship:

May 5, 6-10 p.m. at Huckleberry’s, Rock Island

May 7 and 20, noon to 2 p.m. at The Book Rack, Elmore Road, Davenport

Weekly at Caribou Coffee, Moline. Check my facebook for details!

I’m not sayin it was aliens, but it was aliens!

ancient aliens guy

What if the ANCIENT ALIENS that once ruled our planet RETURNED TO CONQUER IT???

Well, that’s the premise behind BLACK KNIGHT APOCALYPSE, my new sci-fi novel (and part one of a trilogy!)…

black knight promo poster 1

2042. The Black Knight satellite, sent by an ancient alien race to keep the portals to demonic worlds sealed, is destroyed by the occult Nazi secret society The Thule, a cadre of demon-spawn Hitler clones. Soon, nothing will prevent the old gods, the Nephilim, from returning to earth, bringing about the apocalypse. The forces of evil, led by the mysterious and ruthless reptilian, The Babylonian, have been manipulating humanity for decades, through assassinations and wars, and now, they are on the brink of conquering and enslaving a computer-chipped humankind.
The Magi, the eternal guardians of the planet, have disappeared for almost two millenia. Only one remains to defend the world: The Arimathean. Only he, and his elite army of ninja wizards, the Sikari, are left to stand against the talons of darkness closing around the planet. But can they hope to stop them?
Will the Magi return? Will the forces of evil prevail? Can the Arimathean and his warriors survive against the most vicious and powerful foe mankind has ever faced? Find out, in BLACK KNIGHT APOCALYPSE!


welcome to the new site . . .

Welcome to the new Unlike the new Jan Brady, this doesn’t involve me wearing a curly dark wig and pretending to have a British accent. But for those of you who put that into the suggestion box, please know that I considered it mightily and may acquiesce to that in the next round of redesigns. My reason for not doing it this time? Well, I spend enough time in my private life wearing a dark wig of flowing curly locks and speaking in a British accent. But enough about my alter ego Russell Brand… enjoy the new site!

new jan brady

Don’t I look gorgeous? Look at them haters in the background!